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[News] 5 Things You Need To Know About the Samsung S6

So far, there have been few phones created that can rival the Apple Iphone. Since 2007, it has redefined what having a cell phone means, and turned what used to be a necessity into a necessary “accessory”. Truthfully, until the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy in 2010, no other phone could match up to the style, elegance, and caveman skill level of the Iphone. In it’s prior releases, the Galaxy has purposely stood independent of the IPhone by running a more open platform Android OS and allowing for much more flexibility than Steve Jobs would ever allow. Even so, it has always played second fiddle to the Iphone’s style and cult like following (regardless of it’s incremental technology).

Samsung is seeking to step out of Apple’s shadow with the announcement of their newest flagship device. There are a long list of specs, but we at SongExam would like to make things simple by telling you 5 things you need to know about the Samsung S6.

1. It’s Beautiful.

Samsung Galaxy devices have either sported a cheap plastic back or a minor upgraded leather cover. Almost no one likes it, not even true Samsung fans. On April.10th, the Galaxy will have a sexy gorilla glass exterior. Finally something you will not want to cover up.

2. It Has an “Edge”

In 2014 Samsung released the Galaxy Edge. A phone with a sloped screen that functions as a display…kinda. Samsung is no stranger to gimmicks (see Samsung S4’s air gester technology) but the edge is actually a good idea. On the S6, you will have the opportunity to get an edged version (which will be a 2 sided sloped screen). This uniquely adds to the character of the new Galaxy.

3. New Payment System.

The future is now. With the release of the Iphone 6, Apple commercially paved the way for people to use their phones to make credit payments with Apple Pay. Samsung is following suit by implementing their own payment system (via newly acquired company Loop). As soon as this summer, you may be able to zap all your credit cards into one device and make purchases by using your fingerprint. Still waiting on the flying cars though…

4. Lightning Like Charging (Pun Intended)

One thing some Apple customers dislike is that you cannot remove the battery from an Iphone without a set of surgical tools. This was something Android allowed, until now. As of the S6, the Samsung Galaxy will have an internal battery. However, the internal battery coupled with a new processor which will make it extremely efficient and slim. Supposedly, just 10 minutes of charge will net you over 2 hours of video playback. Plus, Samsung is supporting wireless charging with it’s own version of charging mats.

5. No SD Card Slot, but No Worries.

The axing of the SD Card feature could prove to be a mistake, or it could be proving to us that cloud technology is imminent. You will be able to chose a 32GB, 64GB, and a 128GB device AND you will be given a free 115GB Microsoft OneDrive storage account for 2 years. Technically, with the cloud service you shouldn’t be concerned about not having an SD Card, unless you care about storing your risky selfies on a physical server (click here to actually learn about what and where the cloud is).



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