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About Us

*Instead of crafting a boring 1 page biography of who we are, I’d rather use this space to tell you what this website is and the history of why it exists.

The History

Sometime between 2000-2014 the music industry underwent a major transformation in which internet sharing from companies like Napster made a diamond album go platinum, a platinum album go gold, and a gold album…wood?

Lack of record sales cause big record companies to begin to lose control of the market and many different online sources gave independent artists an opportunity to lobby for a once unreachable fan’s attention. In the midst of the music industry changing a company named I-Tunes was born in which it was possible to not only buy an album online, but just 1 song if the buyer desired. This forever changed music and birthed the modern day music industry model.

Record labels were slow to adapt to the change and instead attempted to sell music the same ways. Eventually, due to the super low sales, a new business model was created by companies like Spotify that introduced what they called “streaming”. Streaming is a platform that charges people to play unlimited songs for one set price. Of course, these services don’t pay artists $1.00 per song as I-Tunes did, but rather a fraction of a cent in most instances. By 2014, the music industry yielded less than 10 platinum albums per year. The revolution had taken place.

The Question

Today the music industry is driven by millions of artists all trying to compete for new fans that can be cultivate into followers that will come to shows and pay for merchandise. This climate has made more music available to the listener, but now tons of badly produced music flood the market. A bombardment of artists clawing to have their single played eventually made the average fan only pay attention to music that was best marketed. This has proved to be a difficult task for new artists because of the increasing costs of promotion (which the record companies have mastered). The question seems to be: What works best for fans and the artists?

The Answer

I have been producing, engineering, and consulting with artists for 15 years. Today I focus my efforts more on the business side of music, but I always use the creativity I learned while crafting music for major artists like the Yin Yang Twins and DMX. I always enjoyed working with big stars, but it was the indie artist that made working 12 hour shifts in the studio my father built worth it. It was in dealing with independent artist and music lovers for so long that I came up with the answer to the question. EVERYTHING.

Everything works and everything doesn’t. Music heads want a steady stream of new music, but they will usually not support it without a credible recommendation or heavy promotion. There is not one thing an artists can do to have a successful career, but a campaign filled with goals, objectives, and promotional tools always get an artist closer to the people that value their music.


So what is SongExam? That’s a very simple answer. SongExam is a website that occasionally interviews artists about why they create songs, and makes a strong effort to deliver new artists and news to people that care. Most of the content on songexam.com is filtered and picked out by people with strong musical taste. Although it is possible to market music on this site, we try to keep our visitors happy by diluting promoted music with our personal picks. From those picks we create exclusive interviews from great mainstream and independent artist. We keep in mind trends drive the industry, but to us, timeless music is equally respectable.

A Final Word

I attempted to cover a lot of information, but if you have more questions, want to submit a song for evaluation, setup a possible interview, or receive exclusive songs directly, ***click here***

Thanks, and enjoy Songexam.com.

– Sergio E. (Founder)