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Catch Clinton vs Trump Presidential Debate: Round 1 (Tonight)

Clinton/Trump presidential debate tonight.
Not sure who you want to vote for? Tired of not seeing political movement surrounding the issues that interest you? Well, you should definitely tune into tonight’s presidential debate, because it could determine quite a lot about the next 4 years!

Representing the red side, standing 6 foot 2 inches at roughly 230 lbs is Donald Trump! Representing the blue side, standing 5 foot 6 inches (we’ll be polite about a lady’s weight) is Hilary Clinton! The day has arrived where each presidential nominee will battle one another on hardcore issues like Clinton’s past email scandal, and Trump’s lack of respect for…almost everyone.

What’s in the corner of the American public are the platforms available to catch the 90 minute standoff at Hofstra University. Outside of the usual suspects (CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, and PBS) you have the option to catch a live stream on Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitter, and even SnapChat. Basically, unless your uninterested, there is no possible way to miss it.

According to the polls reported by various media outlets, Clinton is leading by a very small percentage. Tonight could change that depending on how Donald Trump holds up against the far more experienced political opponent Hilary Clinton. However, Trump’s claim to fame is that he is not a politician and that that is exactly what the country needs to get back on course. Win or lose, this will forever be a presidential election concentrated with firsts. Should we elect the first woman, or the first reality tv star? You decide.

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