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Common & John Legend Win Oscar for “Glory”

The Oscars exist to honor the best movies of the prior year with a ceremony and a pretty snazzy award. 2015 is the 87th Academy Awards ceremony and the Civil Rights film Selma was nominate for best picture. Selma did not take home the award  (losing to Birdman) but still spawned a surprise win for Common and John Legend’s “Glory”.

The win was amazing for a hip hop artist, but beyond that, the performance was something for the entire genre to celebrate and be proud of. John Legend begun the song behind the Piano, and as the record progressed he handed it off to Common who spoke very clearly and displayed expert level stage presence. By the end of the song the stage was filled with African American people who for that time and that moment, held America’s attention.

Perhaps the greatest moment was when Common and John Legend spoke about the race issues that still exist in America while receiving the award. All in all, it was a great night for hip hop. It was the exact type of night Martin Luther King and countless other Civil Rights leaders would have marched a million miles to see.

Enjoy the visual for the Selma inspired “Glory”.

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