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[Exclusive Interview] OB- The Evolution of A Hustler.

O.B- The Evolution of A Hustler.

Interview By: Sergio E.

SongExam: Why did you change your name?

O.B: I wanted a new start…new beginning…I decided to grind harder. I been writing for 2-3 months before I came back out and I definitely wanted this push to be new and the name was included in that.

SongExam: Being from Anderson, SC, what’s your favorite party spot and why?

O.B: Back in the day was Maui, but now when I’m not doing a show I just pick a small spot downtown and just chill and have fun with my people. Something low key, but no particular place.

SongExam: Are you signed by a major label or independent?

O.B: No major label. I would say I signed myself, but that ain’t’ even official. Right now I’m just pushing the brand 3HD Entertainment. Maybe when it’s time we’ll make it more official, but for now it’s just about pushing the brand.

SongExam: Everybody doesn’t know it, but you had a song with Future. Did that record not work out, or was it just time to move on?

O.B: Honestly, when we first dropped it it was buzzing. But due to the way my team at the time handled things it kinda died out. After a while we just decided Future had took off and the record just kinda got left behind. It just died. So it was time to move on.

SongExam: Being from a smaller town, do you feel your city’s future in the music industry depends on whether or not you go big?

O.B: I think it would help…but it doesn’t have to be me. I do think once an artist goes major it will open doors for other artists. A lot of artists don’t see it that way, but Atlanta’s still doing it, Houston did it, I think it would benefit other artists.

SongExam: You like to use auto tune, what do you think of people that don’t like it?

O.B: I say to each is own. Certain songs I don’t use it. I only use it on the songs that I feel like it would sound good on. Me personally, I like it. If I’m dragging notes, I know auto tune will make the song more appealing.

SongExam: Do you listen to other artists, or do you just focus on your music?

O.B: I listen to everybody. I want people to listen to me, so why would I not listen to them. Anybody. Independent or major. I got a lil’ cousin that just started…and I really listen to him and try to tell him how he can get better.

SongExam: You have a song that is currently in rotation on a major radio station, what advice do you have for an artist that just started recording?

O.B: Never let nobody tell you you can’t do it. Outside of that, think outside of the box. When you make music, quality is the key. Make sure you don’t just stick with a laptop and bad equipment. If you’re serious you’ll go to a studio like Bout Time, Pro Beats, or Beatbangas. Have a nice beat and a catchy hook. People laugh at me sometimes, but I go for a nice hook, and catchy lyrics. Real simple. If you making club music, It’s hard to be in the club dancing and you on that shoot em’ up bang bang! It’s hard for people to dance to that. Simplicity works.

SongExam: You’re pushing a new record called BOOBAE. Who engineered it?

O.B: Me and Al at Bout Time Productions been doing a lot of work lately. He did this one.

SongExam: Who produced it, and where did you record it?

O.B: It’s produced by Mashawn. I don’t know him personally, but I heard a few of his beats through You Tube and hit em up through Gmail.

SongExam: That brings me to another question. Is You Tube the way you find most of your beats? Back in the day you had to ask around and look for good producers. From my engineering days, I noticed most artists check You Tube like it’s a digital A&R! Is that how you do it?

O.B: Don’t get me wrong, of course I rock with Phil and Captain Kirt, but really I’ll post a (social media) status and tell producers to send me tracks. Or I’ll jump on You Tube for like 2 hours and search around. I’ll just type the kinda beat I’m looking for and pick it out. Then handle the rest through Gmail. Producers now just have to send them beat direct. Paypal and it’s done.

SongExam: Anything you want people to know that they don’t know?

O.B: I just want people to know I’ve been doing this music stuff for years. Serg you know…I just feel like I deserve what God blesses me with. I put a lot of time and money into this. And just know that I’m a humble person. I’m thankful for the love I’m getting on this BOOBAE record. And just get to know me before you judge me or start taking shots. I’ma do me regardless whether you like me or not, so just link up with me. We might be able to make a hit!

SongExam: You say that you’ve come across some hate, we won’t make that a topic, but before we go could you talk a little about that.

O.B: I have seen a lotta’ shots taken. Subliminal statuses. I ain’t gon’ make em’ famous, but I see it. The team just gon’ kill em’ with success though. But like Jeezy say, “I Luv It”!





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