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[Exclusive Interview] Savage Souls- Authentic Hip Hop, No Chaser

Savage Souls- Authentic Hip Hip, No Chaser

Interview By: Sergio E.

SongExam: How Many Guys are in the group?

Savage Souls: There are 3 of us. 2 mc’s and a dj.

SongExam: What made you feel like a dj was important?

Savage Souls: We don’t like writing hooks! *Laughs* Not just that, but in reality the sound we want to put back into the culture is that traditional sound where the turntablism in general is an important part of the sound and the culture. It started just as a feature or two, but eventually we decided to bring it all together.

SongExam: Why do you stick to traditional hip hop? It’s clearly a more difficult task.

Savage Souls: We’re all 30+. It’s what we grew up off of. It wouldn’t be right to make commercial music. Its not what we’re about. There is a lot of the old school hip hop still out here, you just have to look for it. It is the harder thing to make a living off of, but if you look at it conversely, the mainstream music is so elementary that anyone can do it. What we have done takes a lot of practice and skill. Not going on a tirade off of mainstream music, without naming any names you can clearly see that there is very little talent or substance that they cannot follow up. We can keep making our wordy-ignorant music until we die!

SongExam: You guys are based out of Charleston. How do you feel about hip hop as it stands currently in Charleston, SC?

Savage Souls: That’s not a question you want to ask…its not much of a scene of people who do what we do. There are a few we associate with, but Charleston has had a problem for a long time with not having an identity. Just taking from Atlanta.

SongExam: What were your influences that motivated you to make music?

Savage Souls: Definitely Wu Tang across the board. GangStar, EPMD, Big Pun, De La Soul, G Rap, A Tribe Called Quest. Early to late 90’s hip hop mostly. More east coast hip hop.

SongExam: In the past one of the most viable ways to reach a mass amount of people was radio. What do you do to supplement radio play?

Savage Souls: The internet. We’re pretty heavy on pushing our music to underground online internet stations. We’ve been pretty successful at that. College radio up and down the east coast. We’ve also maintained a website since 2006. It’s evolved a lot through the years. It’s more about social media now. We even had our own internet radio show before.

SongExam: How do you pick production, and can any producer submit music to you?

Savage Souls: Brian’s favorite word is “NO”! It’s gotta’ be grimmy…dusty…breakbeats man. 90% of the beats we use- we make. We’re open to other production. We’ve worked with another producer named Remo Williams, and a few other guys. Every time we try to get it from somewhere else, it’s almost never what we want. The beats that Bryan makes are perfect for us. A lot of other producers beats sound sleepy. Almost like they don’t put much effort into it.

SongExam: Where do you guys record? Have you built a studio or do you go to go a specific studio?

Savage Souls: Half the house is the studio. A house. A couch. A shower. A bed. And a studio! That goes back to what we were saying before, other people don’t seem to put as much into our music as we do. We tried to book studio time. One time we were in the studio and I asked the engineer to echo a word, he turned around and told us “that’s not a good word to echo”. We were like, “SHUT UP AND ECHO THE WORD”! That was it. We never went back to another studio again. If you weigh how much a studio costs with studio time, you can put it together yourself. We just decided to start putting money into our own studio. Best way to not waste money. We have a do it yourself mind state. Even before the real equipment and pro tools came about, we tried rapping into the left side of headphones to record each other. We always wanted to do it ourselves.

SongExam: Do you have a survival pack in the studio when vibing and recording songs? Ex: Special Drink, food?

Savage Souls: Free time mostly. We smoke…we drink…

SongExam: Are you pushing a project or song right now?

Savage Souls: We’re still pushing our October release Sword Gang. Trying to keep the sales of that moving along because it’s on Itunes and Amazon. We think we found our identity with Sword Gang. Instead of just throwing hip records out all over the place, we were focused with this one.

SongExam: Anything you want people to know that they don’t know?

Savage Souls: Right now we’re pushing Sword Gang. We have two more EP’s coming out. They’re done, we just don’t know exactly when we’re releasing it. Maybe in the summer. We’re thinking we’ll put out the best songs from all of our projects to make one album. It’s still in process though 


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Omar Mitchell
Brian Wade
Andrew Taylor
Phone: 1-843-530-6945


FaceBook: https://m.facebook.com/savageXsouls

You Tube: http://m.youtube.com/channel/UCTrTn76HqEGxj4r13BvaXrw

SoundCloud: http://m.soundcloud.com/savagesouls

Twitter: Group: https://twitter.com/SavageSouls   Members: @Savagesouls @KaeGiacona @FortuneIronMic @DJIcirus

EPK: http://savage-souls.com/epk

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