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[Exclusive Interview] Titan- Big Man, Big Sound

Titan- Big Man, Big Sound

Interview By: Sergio E.

SongExam: Where are you from?

Titan: I’m from Easley South Carolina.

SongExam: What is the current state of music in your city?

Titan: It’s coming around, but it’s in a hood…trap state.

SongExam: What would you like it to be?

Titan: I’d like it to be all around. Not one specific genre, but everything.

SongExam: How did you receive your name?

Titan: It was given to me by a friend of mine who passed away. He called me Titan because I was so tall. Plus Titan is one of the biggest moons on Jupiter and he always said, “you’re like Titan. We can always see you from a distance”. That’s where I got that name from.

SongExam: Wow, I never knew that…and I’ve known you for a while.

Titan: …TC gave me that name, that’s why I always shot him out on my songs.

SongExam: Do you use a notebook, phone, or freestyle your lyrics?

Titan: I use both.

SongExam: So you don’t feed into the freestyle it now and worry about later talk?

Titan: No I don’t. I like to go back and proofread what I write so I’m not saying anything too crazy. I’m very conscious of my rhymes.

SongExam: Do you own a studio or prefer to visit a particular studio?

Titan: I prefer to visit a studio.

SongExam: Any particular local artist you want to work with.

Titan: I’m looking to possibly work with Yung Daze, Skully, and Fresh J again.

SongExam: What style of beats do you like the most?

Titan: Kinda like a…mid trance trap type sound. Music that rides…that’s easy to ride too. Not too hard, but still rides. Something like Kendric (Lemar) Swimming Pools track. Something you can feel, but still has that street sound associated.

SongExam: Who are a few of your favorite producers you’ve created music with?

Titan: Definitely Bigg Serg, YIB, Fallout Beats, Butler Beats, and Drayza.

SongExam: What celebrity producer would you like to work with?

Titan: Aww man…Just Blaze, The Heatmakers, Cool & Dre, and Kanye West.

SongExam: What’s your song writing process?

Titan: I normally pick the beats 1st. I try to make music people can relate too…not lying…but being real about what I give people.

SongExam: Who inspired you to begin producing music?

Titan: That’s easy! Dipset. Jimmy had me ready to go kick a door…and I’m not even that type of person. Definitely D-Block. Jada and Styles in particular.

SongExam: Do you have a project or single on the way? If so, what is it called, and when will it be released?

Titan: I’m looking to release a mixtape called Black Diamonds in March. The lead single is still being debated, but i’m thinking of running with “My Way or the Highway”.

SongExam: Who Produced that?

Titan: Drayza did it. It’s dope.

SongExam: How can people get in touch with you?

Titan: You can email me at Titanswrath30@gmail.com. My Instagram is “Titans_wrath87”. My Twitter is @TitanGT3, and my Facebook is “Official Titan”


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