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[SongExam] Corey G- Function (Produced By Bigg Serg)

Corey G- Function (Produced By Bigg Serg)
Interview By: Sergio E

The artists known as Corey G passed away on January. 1st 2015. Had he been here, he would have been the 1st artist to have a SongExam. I have decided to keep that idea in tact, and interview myself about his single. This will be the 1st and quite possibly most rare SongExam. I am interviewing myself about his single to honor his memory.


SONG-EXAM: Where was Corey G born?

BIGG SERG: He was born in the same place I was, Greenville, South Carolina.

SONG-EXAM: Did Greenville seem to affect the way he looked at the music industry.

BIGG SERG: Definitely. He despised music that sounded like Atlanta, which is the closest major music city to Greenville, and where I live right now. He thought most of the Greenville artists chose that style because it was and still is the most current sound. He wanted to be different.

SONG-EXAM: What is one thing you thought to be unique about Corey G’s personality?

BIGG SERG: I found his personality to be mostly cool & upbeat. He loved Nike, drank Hennessy religiously, and was generally a good person. The studio sessions were always a good vibe.

SONG-EXAM: What studio was Corey G’s preference?

BIGG SERG: He recorded all his serious music with me in the legendary Beat Banga Productions. He started in a group (YHM) and then decided to work on solo projects as well.

SONG-EXAM: You produced Function, what was the inspiration behind this record?

BIGG SERG: He wanted to make an upbeat record, but he was strict on it having more of a west coast feel, rather than a down south sound. He wanted it to be fun and young. I decided to go with the sounds and tempo of an 80’s or early 90’s record. Original 808’s. I produced it all on the maschine and it came out dope. He wrote to it while he was in Greenville and I was in Atlanta.

SONG-EXAM: Are there any plans for a video?

BIGG SERG: Sense he passed, it would be up to his YHM crew. They are deciding what to do with the unreleased project “Life Of a Mack” and all his unfinished business.

SONG-EXAM: How can people contact you if they need a beat or want to discuss business?

BIGG SERG: I don’t produce as much as used too. To be honest, I would either have to really want to work on your project or single, or the money has too be hard for me to refuse! I’m more of a behind the scenes music man now. I developed songexam.com to continue my legacy in the music industry and help artists. You can easily reach me at mysongexam@gmail.com. I answer emails quickly, because I know how it sucks to send music industry folks messages and never receive a response. I’m not Hollywood!

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