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Google is Taking Over Your Home

Did Google just silently turned into a consumer electronics company? Everyday users know Google as the all-knowing web browser that knows what you’re thinking, before you think it. Business owners know Google as the most reliable way to turn a user into a customer. Conspiracy theorist know Google as some sort of government tool…but you get the point! Now Google has introduced it’s next frontier, consumer grade products.

Perhaps most shocking is the release of the Pixel Smartphone. Boasting 12.3 MP camera with a f/2.0 aperture, unlimited storage, VR ready capabilities, and Google’s assistant built in, it’s direct competition for Apple and Samsung. It’s android based, but it could use it’s already strong brand to creep into Apple’s cool ecosystem. It directly compares with flagship android phones like the Galaxy Note (which can’t stop catching on fire) and the beloved Nexus models. All in all, the specs point to success for the Google Pixel. Head over to Verizon and scoop one up if your smitten!

Next on the Google takeover list is the Google Home. This is a clear shot at Amazon’s Echo, which is apparently doing rather well for it to be so early in the consumer IoT race. Also running on Google’s voice assistant, according to the specs, it will control your lights, book a flight, check traffic, check the stock market, do complicated arithmetic, play Gucci Mane’s new project Woptober, and wake you up for your mind-numbing job! If your not sold, check out the video on You Tube (also a Google Product/service).

Truthfully, most people don’t dislike Google, they dislike the power and real time data it stores in it’s efficient data centers (It’s true, their great). Add the new products to the already successful Chromecast, Chromebook, and Google Fiber network, and well…you pretty much are forced to join Google’s sinister plan to improve your life.

It remains to be seen, but few are betting against the giant, and maybe they shouldn’t. Somebody call Kanye West, Google might just have the answers he’s been searching from (sorry Sway).

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