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Is Gucci Mane a Role Model?

When we think of a role model what comes to mind? Maybe a few of the usual suspects such as Oprah, Gandhi, MLK, or maybe even Micheal Jordan. The furthest from the list might be Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane, but perhaps we should lower the bar a bit.

Consider this evidence. In 2005, while trying to control his current career (hustling drugs) and birthing a new career (rap/trap lord) an attempt was made on his life. Gucci not only survived the situation, but managed to beat the murder charges.

Somehow, over the course of his career, Gucci has released over 50+ projects including mix tapes and studio albums. Although many of them never reached gold or platinum status, he did his fair share of solidifying the mixtape/touring scene for future southern rappers.

It’s safe to say that Atlanta has dominated hip hop for at lease a decade. Early acts like Kilo, Outkast, and Goodie Mob paved the way, but it was none other than artists like T.I. Young Jeezy, and Gucci Mane who made modern day “trap music” stick to the pot. Gucci’s contributions go well beyond his studio performances as he is part responsible for catapulting the career of high grossing artists like: Nicki Minaj, Waka Flocka Flame, The Migos, and many others (never forget OJ Da Juiceman).

On a more negative note, Gucci Mane has either been arrested or in prison nearly every year since 2008. He has had a losing battle with alcohol and drugs (the strong kinds) and has been known to have fleeting relationships with women. He recently turned all this around when being released from a 2 year stint in jail in late 2016.

Since October 2016, Gucci Mane has released 4 full length projects including: Everybody Looking, Woptober, The Return of East Atlanta Santa, and his latest DroptopWop. He has also made his relationship with entrepreneur Keysha Ka’oir official by proposing at an Atlanta Hawks basketball game. More shockingly, he has denounced “most” of the drugs he once could not function without. Replacing them with a healthier diet, rigorous exercise, and a not so shocking studio work ethic.

Come to think of it…Gucci Mane may not be a great role model for kids. However, he is the perfect role model for the streets. He completely embodies what it is to never let a bad situation affect your future. He has displayed great consistency in the midst of constant failure. He has taken laughs and turned them into dollars. He has stood the test of time, and has accumulated great wealth by doing it his way. It might not hurt to think of Gucci Mane if you find yourself in the streets and don’t think you can make it out. He did it, and you can too. Wop!


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