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Gucci Mane’s Woptober Project Drops Early (Stream It Here)

To add to one of the greatest comeback stories in rap, Gucci Mane released Woptober. Originally set to be released on 10/17, perhaps Gucci opted to capitalize off of new release Friday’s built in awareness for music buffs.

Gucci is out-grinding his competitors as usual, as this would make his 2nd release of a full project in 6 months. In case your wondering, it’s not thrown together. It features production from Mike Will, Drummer Boy, Will-a-fool, and more. It features trap kings like Young Dolph and Rick Ross. So, rappers really don’t have any valid reasons not to respect this release.

It’s getting cooler outside, and Gucci Mane is apparently the coolest (iciest would’ve been a better describing word). So look south and listen to Woptober, Burrr!

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