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Marvel’s Luke Cage is Now Available on Netflix

Netflix is raising the cost for us OG’s to $9.99 soon, but they are not coming up short with the product! As of now, Marvel’s Luke Cage is now available to binge off this weekend.

Besides having Jessica Jones (fellow Marvel superhero) as a sidepiece, Luke is a bad ass black dude who is impenetrable. First seen in the comic world in 1972, he was the first of his kind, but served as more of the same in the Blaxploitation era. In the latest depiction he appears as a seemingly normal black man who goes to work and does his best to make a dollar out of 15 cents- in Harlem. How fitting.

What’s more interesting is how relevant a black man who cannot be harmed by bullets is in the present day. The Black Lives Matter movement is a strong focus in the black community right now, mostly due to the highly publicized killings of African Americans by police officers. Of course, some would say the movement has been blown out of proportion and is glorifying a not so serious blip in history. Most Blacks would strongly disagree, as it is much more likely they’ve experienced racial inequality than those that are not Black.

It’s clear that there are racial issue in America, which makes it all the more appropriate for Luke Cage to re-emerge. The world needs a Black superhero who is both morally sound, and of color. Add superhuman strength and a tank like exterior and we might just have ourselves the Black superhero we always wanted.

You have to watch Netflix’s original series Luke Cage and judge if for yourself, your just sitting on the couch watching TV anyway [Everest joke].

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