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Meek Mill – Glow Up (Official Video)


Meek Mill appears to making a full recovery from a series of L’s including ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj’s departure, losing a rap beef to Drake, and falling down a few steps this past Winter to name a few.

Nonetheless, Meek has always had a special place in the playlist of every fan that appreciates a real street dude from the actual streets. Not the fabricated streets, but the place where most don’t prosper, and many don’t survive at all.

Gearing up for a tour with Yo Gotti, Meek has been on the money lately with some solid music. “Glow Up” shows him partying it up for a 30th birthday in a foreign place with his com-padres. Looks like he’s enjoying life, and building up momentum for some new wins.

Check out “Glow Up” by Meek Mill. You won’t be disappointed.

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