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[News] Method Man’s Birthday is Today!

Method Man is one of Hip Hop’s greatest successes. Hailing from Staten Island New York, he helped pave the road for rap music in the early 90’s while in the group Wu-Tang Clan. The group was especially gritty, but also original in production, visuals, and rhyme style. Much of the groups style lives on in the raw production of original Hip Hop today.

Method Man helped the group sell millions of records, but also inked a solo deal with Def Jam Records. His first album Tical was certified Platinum and Mary J Blige and he earned a Grammy for Hip Hip classic “All I Need”. Perhaps what is most impressive is Method Man’s acting ability. He has acted in well over 20 movies including the cult classic film “Belly” directed by music video guru Hype Williams.

Today Method Man is 44 years old. His accomplishments have helped make it possible for the culture of Hip Hop to thrive. Lets celebrate with him by watching a Method Man classic visual, “Bring The Pain”.


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