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Rick Ross – Santorini Greece (Official Video)

There are few rappers that can fuse hip hop with non hip-hop music and make you appreciate it like Rick Ross. Like it or hate it, he’s down right masterful at painting pictures over smooth melodic beats.

Santorini Greece is the perfect example. First and foremost, most did not know where or how beautiful this place is (myself included) until Ross shinned some light on one of his favorite expeditions. Housed around an active volcano, Santorini is one of the most scenic places on earth. Blue skis, epic architecture, and mystical blue water is a real life screensaver for those who can afford the flight.

in the visual, Rosay straps on a colorful silk shirt and sails around the Aegean Sea with select eye candy. He raps controversial lines atop beautiful rooftops that overlook Santorini, and even pit stops in a church to take advantage of it’s beauty. Director Ryan Snyder captures incredible slow motion scenes of endless views and a few of the locals, all while managing to catch the wind blowing through Ross’s fancy wardrobe. It’s money well spent, and he has more than enough of it to go around.

Watch if for yourself, but if you see this as anything other than epic, perhaps you are missing the point completely.

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