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Shawty Lo Has Died

Unfortunately, it has been reported that Shawty Lo was killed on the morning of 9/21/16. Not much information has been reported, but he was allegedly involved in a hit and run and which caused his vehicle to hit a tree and burst into flames. The incident occurred in Shawty Lo’s hometown of Atlanta, near Cascade Road.

Shawty Lo was known for leading the popular rap group D4L, before going solo and releasing several hit records such as Dey Know, Dunn Dunn, and Foolish. He also had plans to have his record label D4L Records distributed through 50 Cent’s G-Unit South imprint. He was also very close to having a reality show about his personal life aired on a major network.

SongExam will continue to appreciate the classic records Shawty Lo released for the city of Atlanta and the world.


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