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[SongExam] Absolute E’Statik, VVS June, Ben Frank- Countdown (Prod by Nard & B)


Absolute E’Static, VVS June, Ben Frank- Countdown (Prod by Nard & B)

Interview By: Sergio E.

SongExam: How old are you?

Absolute E’Statik: I’m 26

SongExam: What part of the Carolinas are you from?

Absolute E’Statik: I’m from Mount Pleasant Charleston, SC but I’m living in Simpsonville, SC right now.

SongExam: Whats a good mom and pop spot to eat at in your city?

Absolute E’Statik: I would have to say its traditional that we go to Golden Corral. It’s something we do every other Sunday.

SongExam: Where did you record Countdown and who engineered it?

Absolute E’Statik: Curtis Forbes enginerred it at FMBS Studios. It’s where we go. It’s our set home.

SongExam: Is that beat actually from Nard & B, or did you just decide to jump on it?

Absolute E’Statik: Really my manager was on twitter and linked in with them. From there we checked out some beats from their catalog. I happened to run across the instrumental to Countdown and picked it out.

SongExam: Nard & B are big producers that produced some big records, what was it like working with them?

Absolute E’Statik: They plugged in, but they cool peoples’. They are willing to work with people. They ain’t arrogant at all. We vibe wit’ em.

SongExam: Getting DJ Ben Frank on the intro was a big move. Whose idea was that?

Absolute E’Statik: It wasn’t our idea. We shot him the track, and he liked it. He told us he thought it was a big record. He put in his work and sent it back to us. We was like no! He really dropped on the intro! It was really his concept. We didn’t have much to do with it.

SongExam: On a light note, I know VVS June. How did you manage to get him out of the streets long enough to record a song?

Absolute E’Statik: It was his sister actually. She asked me to jump on a track he had. I sent it back in like 20 minutes. After that he he hit me back and said, “you nice, we gotta’ start working”. Every since I linked in wit’ him we been recording more.

SongExam: What inspired you to come up with Countdown?

Absolute E’Statik: I was in my zone really. I listened to the beat twice all the way through. It was actually named “Above The Rim”. I just tried to match the concept of the beat. It just happened to flow like that. I really went off of the title of the track. Sometimes the title don’t match, but this time it did.

SongExam: Anything you want the people to know about you or your music?

Absolute E’Statik: I’m just original. I’m myself. I’m willing to work with people. My camp is all good people, if we feel like we can help you out we will. Overall, I’m all about my city. It’s all Greenville right now.

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