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SongExam Old School Video #1: Black Rob- Woah!

Many moons ago, music videos were heavily funded and a proven method to sell records and ignite fans. Over time major label budgets diminished, and artists were forced to choose a more cost effective route for shooting and promoting videos.  There is no use in crying over spilled milk, but we at SongExam thought it would be cool to honor videos of the past. We hope you enjoy our picks. Also, feel free to send suggestions. We promise to take them into consideration. All music genres will be featured.

In the year 2000 Black Robb released “Whoa!” The production was less trendy for a Bad Boy recording artist, but fared well on the top 100 charts. The video complimented the song well, and featured Puff Daddy (now P Diddy) driving a huge truck throughout the video. Fireworks erupt, people party, and the video was in heavy rotation at the time. Ultimately a hip hop classic, “Whoa!” is continuing to be played on mainstream radio.



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  1. I love this site, it has amazing information and pop culture relevancy as well as education continue what you guys are doing.

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