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SongExam Old School Video #3: Kanye West- Through The Wire

Every now and again we need a reminder as to why we need to respect an artist. This is one of those reminders.

In 2003, Roc-A-Fella producer Kanye West decided to release his 1st official solo song “Through The Wire”. Inspired by a car accident that forced him to pursue his dream of rapping, West recorded the entire song with his mouth wired. The pain in his voice mixed with a Chaka Khan sample effectively changed the course of hip hop music and ushered in an entirely new genre, which involved more meaningful and socially conscious topics. The song was quite successful, and soon he convinced the label to allow him to release his first album The College Dropout. Widely recognized as a classic album, College Dropout has since reached 3X Platinum status and exposed a seldom discussed reality of post high school life in America.

Kanye West has released 6 albums after The College Dropout (all of which are at least Platinum) including joint project with mentor and idle Jay-Z. He is often criticized for his evolutionary growth and his tendency to go opposite of what is perceived as popular music. Recent spats with his ex girlfriend Amber Rose and his marriage to reality star Kim Kardashian has made him more of a spectacle rather than an artist, but Kanye continues to release a steady stream of critically acclaimed music. Take a few minutes out of your day to remember why Kanye West is a trend setting machine and enjoy “Through The Wire”.

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