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Suge Knight Envolved In A Murder Case

Former Death Row CEO Suge Knight is back in the headlines, but this time he’s been accused of murder. After recently surviving a shooting inside a club, it appears that he is now directly involved in a hit and run accident where a man was killed.

Allegedly, Knight was on the set of a movie about legendary rap group NWA and an argument broke out that caused Knight to flee. In the process of leaving the scene he ran a man over with his truck. It appears that the police are not accepting the hit and run as an accidental death, and they are in fact interpreting the footage as an intentional act.

Knights bail was originally set at $2.2 million, but has since been revoked because he could be a flight risk. If he is convicted, this would be his 3rd strike and that brings a mandatory life sentence in LA.

Knight has consistently been targeted for his negative acts by mainstream media, but rose to power by owning the label that once housed Tupac, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, and even M.C Hammer. The record company is said to have sold over 50 million records and was one of the most profitable record labels in pop and hip hip history.

Only time will tell whether his legacy as a music industry executive will be overshadowed by his history of being involved in violence. However, he will face a court soon, and until given a fair trial he is innocent until proven guilty.

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