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We Tasted Migos Branded Rap Snacks Chips

The Migos have simply smashed 2017. They have managed to score 4+ songs on the billboard charts including the legendary “Bad and Boujee” (which Donald Glover shouted out during his acceptance speech), curved a heavily publicized altercation with self proclaimed hip hop guru Joe Budden, and secured a RIAA certified platinum album in the age of anticipatory bootlegging.

That’s pretty darn good for a few young cats straight out North Atlanta with the same general trap presentation as 98% of all Atlanta rappers. However, these guys aren’t the same. No sir, they are the evolution of Gucci Mane, TI, and Young Jeezy. They spew hit records, and Quality Control Music executives promote their brands like a Fortune 500 company might. For their latest trick, they will attempt to help Rap Snack’s CEO James Lindsey sell branded chips at a store near you.

How I Discovered Rap Snacks

I walked into a sketchy corner store the other day with the intent of purchasing a 22 oz bottle of beer (yep…that’s right). As I was waiting in line behind a lady who was purchasing lottery tickets and cigarettes, I noticed a bag of Rap Snacks chips with the Migos plastered across the front. The flavor was sour cream with a dab of ranch. I immediately said out loud, “this is epic”!

I went home, cracked open my brew, and opened the chips. They smelled like chips, they looked chips, but would they taste like chips? *Disclaimer* I don’t eat chips that much. However, I chomped down a few and I was generally impressed. They tasted like sour cream with a dab of ranch. Not bad at all. They were a little salty, but overall a very solid snack. 

Forward Thinking

What’s more impressive, is that Rap Snack’s is looking to generate content via social media and develop relationships with other brands. Are you a developing company interested in extending your reach via tasty snacks? This could be a good fit. They already have deals with Fabolous, Lil Boosie, Lil Romeo, and Fetty Wop. It’s not new for rappers to delve into merchandising, but this is a unique take on branding.

The Verdict

At some point, you will get hungry. When you find yourself in a convenience store staring at a vast chip selection, why not support a few premium Atlanta rappers and a daring CEO? The cost is competitive, and if you scan the bar code on the back of the bag you could get a free unreleased song from one of the artists. How’s that for innovation! Go get you a bag of Rap Snacks fool. #donttgetleftoffbadandboujee

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