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Will You Buy the $1000 iPhone X? Apple Thinks You Will.

On October. 17th, 2017 you can pre-order the iPhone X. The question is: Will you pay $1000 bucks for it? If you’re a fan of Android you might not be interested, as all iPhones run IOS software that inherently limits you to the creativity of Apple’s engineers. On the other hand, if you like iPhones Apple is doing a little more than incrementally sweetening the pot this year.

It seems they are reaching for the next level. It’s worth mentioning that you can choose not to spend $1000 and go with an iPhone 8, but it looks and nearly functions just like an iPhone 7 (minus a few tweaks). So, we’ll just cover the iPhone X’s features and let you decide whether you’ll buy it or not.

The Screen

Every phone maker has aimed to get rid of the space at the top and bottom of the screen (the bezel) and now you can get this feature on an iPhone. However, this feature has been on the new Samsung S8 for months, and on other Android devices for years.

The X is also sporting an OLED screen now (produced by Samsung) and is said to have much truer colors. The technology makes blacks blacker, thus making the overall picture closer to reality.

It’s 5.8 inches. That’s up from the 5.5 inches offered on the 7 and 8 Plus. The screen is rounded and curves into the frame, interrupted only by a set of sensors at the top of the screen. This looks a little weird, but was deemed necessary for some of it’s most important functions.

It’s also waterproof, and now has glass on both sides (it’s said to be stronger…)

Wireless Charging

Another not so new technology is wireless charging. Apple is releasing it’s own version of the charging mat that will support multiple apple devices by simply laying them down on the surface. More surprisingly is Apple’s commitment to the wireless Qi standard which will allow you to use the wireless charging feature with any manufacturer that supports the Qi standard.

No Home Button

iPhone home buttons are iconic. It’s part of how you know one has an iPhone. Apple has decided to risk this well branded feature by completely getting rid of it. It is replaced with a swiping feature that works universally on every screen.

Facial Recognition. iPhone X Style.

In the top area of the iPhone X is a sensor that is capable of scanning your face. This can be applied to unlocking the device, using Apple Pay for purchasing goods, and potentially suppressing alerts you don’t need. This feature creepily learns your face as it evolves.

Facial hair, hats, and hair choices don’t stop it from recognizing you. It is also guaranteed to be secure. Although this has been featured on Samsung devices already, it is said to be in a much more perfected state on the iPhone X. This is revolutionary, and will likely help ease the uneasiness of consumer grade AI.

On a less technical note, you can now embed your facial expressions inside of emojis. This is pretty cool, even if you’re not 12. This challenges apps like Snapchat by creating more accurate filters and ecosystem specific sharing.

The Camera

It features a 12MP camera that joins the software and enables features like background blurring, selective light options, and quality zooming. It should produce some of the most professional selfies ever. It is optimized to perform well in low light situations and produce HDR level photography. It’s almost as if Apple wants to put the photographer out of business completely.


It’s a bit technical to describe, but it adds up to it being really fast and efficient. So fast, it’s said to be 70% faster than the iPhone 7’s A10 chip. The A11 chip is built to handle the heavy data flow that powers facial recognition and augmented reality.

Augmented reality was proven to be a hit with Pokemon Go, and Apple is upping the ante. The chip is capable of performing well with AR software, and they are allowing developers to conjure more software to support it.


You have two colors and two capacities to choose from. Space Grey and Silver are your color options at no extra cost, and the 64GB and 256GB are $999 and $1149 respectively. Most carriers will allow you to pay installments over a 24 month period, and there are bound to be some extra deals like gift-cards available when the iPhone X is up for pre-order.

Will These Features Seal The Deal?

Are you ready to upgrade? Apple is betting that you are, and that you won’t mind paying $1000 for an iPhone X. Of-course, no one is making you upgrade, and Apple is even trying to ease you into the new price point by giving you the stripped down iPhone 8 if you don’t want to drop the stack.

It’s not just Apple that wants you to step up your payment. Samsung is charging $929 bucks for the new Note 8 and it seems that others will follow. It’ll be a tough pill to swallow, but statistics say that people want the future. Apple is marketing just that, the future. Just know, you’ll be cashing out to keep up with the Jetson’s.

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